December 7, 2008 at 9:08 pm (Uncategorized)

On an International flight to Sapporo City, Hokkaido, Japan… Saturday… 8:41am…


“This Captain Roy Cardenas. We are now approaching Sapporo International Airport.” I hear the pilot’s voice over the public address (PA) system, “The weather in Hokkaido is clear and the temperature is a very comfortable __ degrees Fahrenheit. We will be landing in Sapporo Airport in approximately 15 minutes. The time in Hokkaido when we arrive will be 8:56am on a pleasant Saturday morning. We hope you’ve enjoyed your flight and please continue to fly with us.”

I read through Kiyoko’s file while waiting for the plane to land. It won’t be long now. Kiyoko won’t be expecting me. I may not remember all the details, but I remember more’n enough about Kiyoko! Since I don’t have total recall, I figure that I wasn’t part of their little expedition. This could work in my favor. If we used the TMT, that would mean that Kiyoko’s already in control of her abilities. That makes her dangerous. At full force, her TK ability could level a building! That means we have to play it smart. Now Kiyoko’s a smart little chinky ! I’m sure she knows that the reason the PMRA went after her was because she manifested her abilities in a big way! If I remember correctly, some kid, probably her boyfriend, died in some motorbike race accident. This caused her to manifest! If I’m not mistaken, he’s supposed to kick the bucket today! Means, we don’t have much time! I’ll have to remember to check on motorbike racing schedules in Sapporo as soon as we land! Kiyoko also knows that the PMRA doesn’t come after her ‘til about 3 or 4 weeks from now. She’s probably figured that if she doesn’t use her psionics, we won’t come after her and that she can hide from us. But I’ll bet she isn’t counting on ME! Good! I’ll have the element of surprise.

I look around at my team. (Sinister smile appears on Lt. Morgan’s face) Hand picked ‘em myself! The 4 most brutal killers money can buy! Santino, Francesco K., (Cpl.) sniper; Valencia, Michelle P., (Cpl.) urban combat expert; Scott, Wilson G., (Sgt.) demolitions; Nakkai, Akihiro, (Cpl.) translator and one “kick-ass” martial arts expert! All ex-special ops. All with criminal records. All lethal. All mine! Told the guys in DC that I needed mercenaries so’s they’d have an “out” in case anything went wrong. Suckers! But this still isn’t your run-o-the-mill type black-op . We can’t just abduct her. Damn foreign policy laws have me jumpin’ through hoops on this! Accordin’ to our mandate, there has ta be some kind o’ compelling reason for us to bring her back. (Sneers) I figure since she can level a building with her TK, why not just make her do that? Compellin’ enough fer ‘em (Smiles a sinister smile)?

Sapporo City, Hokkaido, Japan… 10:32am…


Shiro’s race is about to begin. What do I do? I have to leave! I can’t watch! I stand up to leave. “Where are you going (in Japanese)? Shiro’s race is about to begin! He will be very disappointed if you leave!” asks my friend, Kimiko. “I’m not feeling well. I need to go to the ladies-room.” I reply. “Stay! The race isn’t that long. I’ll go with you after the race. I promise!” Kimiko responds. So, I go back to my seat to watch the race. My heart is pounding faster! I want to cry! But I have to hold back the tears! What should I do? I spoke with Faith yesterday and she told me that she changed the timeline by beating her horrible step-father with a baseball bat! Maybe it won’t be so bad if I saved Shiro’s life? But I also remember feeling how devastated Faith was; how guilty she felt that she had changed the timeline! I also read an email from Charles this morning reminding me not to do anything to change the timeline! Does he know what’s about to happen to me? Does he understand? Do any of them understand? I am about to watch my beloved die! My chest feels like it is about to explode! What should I do? I have the power to stop it! But, I mustn’t use it! Can’t anyone see the irony in that?

The race begins. Just as I remembered it; Shiro is 3rd coming out of the starting line. He tries to catch up to the leader but the person in 2nd place won’t let him pass! Shiro tries desperately to overtake the 2nd placer but fails a second time! Shiro revs his engine to attempt another pass! This is it! This is the one! He doesn’t make it out of this one! He will hit his head on the track and break his neck! It will be brutal, but quick! I can’t breathe! I’ve seen this all before. His motorbike over-speeds as he reaches a dirt mound! Shiro tries to compensate for the miscalculation. He is unsuccessful! He is about to hit the ground head first! Shiro plunges to the ground! But, it is his back that hits the ground instead of his head! He slides to the center of the field, away from the other racers. The medics rush to Shiro. He is bruised and beaten, but alive and well. I had to do it. I used my psionics to push him out of harm’s way. May the gods have mercy on me! I had to do it! I had to do it! I had to…

11:12am; In the bleachers of the stadium where Shiro’s race is being held, someone watches intently…


So she actually did it! The bitch actually used her TK to save her stupid chinky-eyed boyfriend. Gotta admit; I didn’t think she had it in her to play with the timeline like that. But somehow I knew she’d crack. You were always weak Kiyoko; and that’s just the way I like it. (Laughs to himself) That’s m’ girl, Kiyoko! That’s m’ girl! I call the others on my cell-phone “Listen up! Plan A is a ‘go’! Ya got that? Hop to it! You guys know what ta do.” It is Sgt. Will Scott who responds, “Aye, L-T! We’re on it!” After about 10 minutes, I get a message from Will that “the cat is in the bag”! I, then, send a coded text message to Cpl. Valencia (Michelle) instructing her to move in. She follows Kiyoko and her friend to the “li’l girl’s room”. Her job is simple. Pass a note saying “Your boyfriend is in trouble” to Kiyoko and let her empath ability do the rest.

Before that, I asked her to witness a Japanese gang I hired to drag that Shiro kid from the clinic to a warehouse. I told Valencia to concentrate only on what she saw and nothing else. I purposely kept her out of the loop and kept her from listening to the plan. Hell, I even I even kept her from looking at the face of her teammates directly. She probably has no idea what she’s doing here but the less she knows the better. Kiyoko may just sniff us out if I didn’t do that. And if Kiyoko does manage to expose Valencia, then we’ll be sending Valencia home with every bone in her body broken. Oh well, better her than me. What I remember about Kiyoko’s empath ability is that the first image that comes into her mind is the last image of the last person who held an object she’s psionically reading. If I’m right, she’ll be reading Valencia’s last mind images, that of her boyfriend getting kidnapped, and rush to the clinic before she gets any deeper into Valencia’s mind. With any luck, she’ll never see that Valencia is PMRA and she’ll be too focused on the kidnapping to notice anything else. I also instructed the Jap-gang to take “boyfriend” to a warehouse that I rented by the pier. None o’ them know that Akihiro and Will rigged the place to collapse as soon as Mizz Takeda uses her TK to try to save her stupid boyfriend! Ha! The warehouse will fall on their heads and kill everyone there; Jap-gang, boyfriend and anyone else in the warehouse; except for Kiyoko, that is. I figer’ she’ll use her TK to get herself out o’ there. At which point, Santino fires a trank -dart to the back o’ her neck and we grab her. We then make a case to the Jap Government that she’s too dangerous to be left without professional help and we’re home free! Nice and neat!

But if all else fails, there’s always Plan B; we bury a lead bullet to the back o’ her skull and get the hell out’a Dodge before anyone gets wise on us! Works for me either way. Hold it! There! Michelle’s made contact. Game time!



What’s this? That woman passed me a note! I read the note. “Oh my God! Shiro!” I shout! Images start to rush through my mind! A group of men take Shiro forcibly out of the infirmary! They beat up the medic and his staff and drag Shiro out! Why are there no people in the corridors? What is happening? I rush to the infirmary! It is a shambles. What? Who-who are those people? Reporters! Someone must have told them of Shiro’s kidnapping. Can’t worry about them now. I have to use my ability in public. I see a pendant with the shape of a skull. It must be from one of the attackers. I touch the pendant. Images start filling my head! A warehouse by the pier! Number 19! They took Shiro there! I look at the crowd. They felt my power. This always happens when I feel stressed ! I can’t hide it now! I can’t stop now! I have to reach Shiro! Too many people around! I can’t get through! “But I must get through!” I shout! I use my telekinetic ability to push myself off the ground. Oh my! How did I get this high? I’m above the stadium now! I’m falling! Must concentrate! I push again! Yes! I am up again. I can see the pier from here. Maybe if I concentrate hard enough I can fly! No such luck! I’m falling again! Must keep pushing! It hurts to use my telekinesis! But I’m making progress. I’m almost at the pier!



Holy shit! I didn’t know she could do that! Or maybe I forgot more than I thought I did! “Heads up, people! You’ve got incoming! And she’s droppin’ from the sky!” I radio out to my troops! “Oh crap! She’s flying? What the fuck?” I hear Will shout on the other line! “Just stick to the plan, people! Don’t lose yer focus! This is just a walk in the park. Understand?” I assure them. “Aye L-T! A walk in the park!” they reply. This is workin’ out better’n I expected! Everybody saw her fly! Now the Japanese Government will have to turn her over to us fer sure! Now all we have ta do is prove that she’s dangerous.



I’m right above warehouse 19! I’m falling again! How do I land! If I push again, I’ll just go higher! Oh no! I am falling towards the roof! Must brace myself! Huh? I stopped. I am floating above the roof! Just mere inches from the roof! Let’s see if I can float towards that window. Yes! I’m doing it! I see them; the bastards that took Shiro! They don’t see me! Their backs are turned, facing the front door. They seem to be waiting for someone. The other one near the corner; he looks like the boss. He is talking to someone on his cell-phone. Something? Something feels out of place. I feel as if all is not as it seems. Someone else is behind this! But who? Who is behind this? I land silently behind some crates and boxes just behind the kidnappers.

I feel there’s something wrong in the building. I touch the floor of the building. I concentrate on it. I see something. OH NO! The PMRA! They’re here! My shock sends out a slight psionic backlash. The kidnappers feel it! They know I am here! They also know that they are in danger! They felt it from me! For an instant, we stare at each other, the boss of the kidnappers and I. We know what we must do! “We have to get out of here!” I shout. They start to run! I try to pick up Shiro! He’s still unconscious. I use my telekinesis to try to lift him. Suddenly, the building starts to collapse on us! I have to think fast I try to shield all of us from the debris but I am too confused! The floor falls from beneath us! The roof falls on top of us! The kidnappers are crushed! My God! I could not save them! Wait? I am not being crushed! My abilities are protecting me and Shiro! Thank God! I use my abilities to push away the debris from on top of us.

We finally reach the top. I drag Shiro to a safer place. As I look up, I see what looks like a dart coming towards me! I swat it away with a telekinetic push! But, then, I feel something hot hit my stomach. At first it was painless; then the pain started to sear; then I start to go numb. It was a bullet! I had been shot! I look towards Shiro. I see someone beside him. I see the man of my nightmares, General Russel Morgan! But a younger version of him. He walks towards Shiro; raises Shiro’s head and snaps his neck! I tried to stop him! But I am too weak to stop him! The last thing I heard was General Morgan saying “They’ll blame all of this on you, Kiyoko.” And then, I start to black out. What have I done? What have…


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